The Sheepdog

Born David Grant, this son of a minister and a school teacher/missionary was active in the church’s choir and dramas from an early age. The moniker of Sheepdog was adopted when he became a well-beloved camp counselor. He graduated from Big Walnut High School with several on stage experiences under his belt and then went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts at Kent State University. At college, he deepened his understanding of literature, writing, and stagecraft. He played roles in several student directed projects as well as main stage works, including as a lovesick Duke in “The Lady from Maxim’s” and as the Ghost in “Hamlet.”

During his junior and senior years of college, he filmed and released his first feature length film, an independent production entitled “Toaster.” He had written, produced, starred-in, and even edited the opening credits.

On April Fool’s Day in 2011, Sheepdog founded Wolf In Wool Productions and the rap group Chalkskin. The release of their debut album, “Fresh Donuts,” marked the official founding of the company and was met with praise.

The follow up album, “Pay Day,” was released in 2012 to even greater critical acclaim. Chalkskin has appeared on “1137 Lounge Live,” the stage of LA’s House of Blues, and at the San Diego Comic Con Nerdcore show at The Ruby Room (alongside MC Lars and MC Frontalot). They quickly became one of the hottest hip hop groups in San Diego.

Other focuses for Wolf In Wool Productions include “The Sheepdog Show,” which is a sketch comedy/chat show hosted by Sheepdog himself; “Chalkskin 10,” in which Sheepdog (as MC Chalkskin) interviews notable celebrities; “Gamer_Bob’s On the Download,” which he directs; and several other projects.


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