How Should I Spend My Lottery Winnings?


I won the lottery!  Not a huge, huge jackpot, but one that will fundamentally change my life.  Approximately two million dollars after taxes, and I want to make every penny count.

First, I can realize my ambition to be a home owner.  But do I merely put down some money on a mortgage or do I pay for the whole house?  Certainly, I couldn’t do the latter here in San Diego, but if I relocated back to Ohio, I could get a lot of house for about three hundred thousand.

Secondly, I don’t have to worry about my debt anymore, and that is such a relief.  I can’t even tell you how good that feels.  I am overjoyed by this thought to the point of tears.  I am weeping out of happiness, just kissing Stella over and over and praising God.

And finally, if I am smart enough, I can finally really bet on myself.  I can double down on my dreams and spend a period writing, acting, and producing artistic works full-time.  This is the most incredible part of it all.  I know why I was put on this planet, but the treadmill of living paycheck to paycheck, hand-to-mouth has made every step virtually impossible.  Every accomplishment I have achieved has been in spite of – and not because of – my Herculean efforts just to pay bills and survive.  But not anymore!  Now I am finally able to really chase my goals and find out how far the talent God has given me and the experience and training I have clawed and kicked to obtain can take us.

I am so relieved, hopeful, and happy that I can’t contain myself.  I am shaken by emotions, sobbing because I am so overwhelmed.

And then I wake up, realize that it’s all just been a dream, and really start to cry hard.

That’s what happened to me a few nights ago, and the worst part of it for me is that for most of is, that’s what’s become of the American dream.  We work so hard toward obtaining a pathway – to kick open the door of opportunity and to charge headlong toward our destiny, and then we wake up crying.

But it doesn’t mean I have given up, and you shouldn’t either.  It’s just a reality check that we have to keep at it every day, because as nice as it would be, unless you are Donald Trump, you won’t start tomorrow with a sum of money that will make it easy for you.  But you aren’t empty handed.

No, I didn’t win the state lottery, but I was granted the talent, ambition, and drive to work my way forward.  So in a way, I did win the lottery.  Now I just have to figure out how to spend it, and I need to make every minute count.


3 thoughts on “How Should I Spend My Lottery Winnings?

  1. Good one, and a great life message as well. Life has lots of ups and downs. The important thing to remember is to keep getting up.

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