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In the Harry Potter books – which I have just finished reading for the first time, late to the party, I realize – Lord Voldemort pours parts of his soul into seven horcruxes.  I believe J. K. Rowling might be able to relate at least to this action of her famed villain; after all, she has seven books she gave a part of herself to.  That will be true only until this summer, when it is reported an eighth book will magically appear on shelves (and in Kindles).  As it stands, however, I have a few thoughts I would like to publicly share on this excellent series.

Problems with 2 Story Points (Spoilers)

A major plot point in The Order of the Phoenix is Harry’s inability to get in contact with his godfather, Sirius Black.  However, after the events of the book unfold and Sirius has died, Harry goes to a gift Sirius had given him for comfort.  What is this device do that Harry has had the entire novel but of which there has been no mention until now?  It allows him to communicate with Sirius from anywhere.

The other problem in the books has to do with House Elves.  To free one of these enslaved creatures all one has to do is gift them with an article of clothing.  Just give them something to wear on their body, and they are free.  So Kreacher the House Elf was given the same object twice, by two different people.  Firstly by Regulus Black and then by Harry Potter, each of whom was his master at the time of the giving.  That object, of course, was a locket, which is worn and would technically qualify as clothes.  Certainly, Kreacher may not have had the psychological ability to leave the service of The Blacks, but this was meant to be the turning point in his relationship with Harry.  Up until that moment, he would gladly have left Potter’s service and sold him out to his enemies.  It is problematic that it doesn’t even come up that Harry’s action would have freed a known enemy informant to become a possible larger threat.

The Irony of Controversy (Spoilers)

My favorite of the books is The Prisoner of Azkaban.  I am a sucker for time travel.  But it isn’t the best of the series.  That distinction goes to The Deathly Hollows.

The Harry Potter books were banned by the religious right in the US, because it dealt with heroic witches.  Interestingly, this group had no issues with Bewitched or The Wizard of Oz, and that’s made even more ironic when you understand the Harry Potter books have more in common with C. S. Lewis and Tolkien, two famously Christian writers, than it does with anything else.

When Rowling was asked about her faith, she would say she’d rather not discuss it since it would give away some of the story.  You know, the part where Harry is Jesus, Dumbledore is God, Voldemort is Satan, and there is a sacrificial death and resurrection.  All of this after a veritable parable of Harry (Christ) in the Garden, struggling with the mission Dumbledore (God) has given him.  And although I don’t hear many people talk about this comparison very often, I don’t see how Rowling could have made the symbolism any clearer.  When asked where he was in his afterlife, Harry replies that it looks like King’s Cross Station, which is where you go to board the Hogwart’s Express.

Yes, Rowling is a Catholic and the station of the cross is kind of a big deal for Catholics.

My Fan Theory

In the books, Hermione is described in a fairly unappealing manner.  She is buck toothed and has frizzy hair.  She’s a nerd.  The first few movies went with that, but then as Emma Watson began to bloom into the beautiful woman she has become, they went with that instead.  I, however, think this was a wise choice cannon-wise as well.

You see, in The Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione had a time spinner that allowed her to travel through time in order to take multiple classes a consecutively.  Go with me here.  She spent MORE time than anyone else in puberty, so she had more time to develop.


See you again when The Cursed Child comes out!


One thought on “Harry Potter

  1. Hope you enjoyed the series!
    There are a lot of plot problems in the books, but I really don’t see your point with the first one. Sirius had given Harry that mirror in the middle of the book. Harry forgot about it and only rediscovered it accidentally at the end. It didn’t really come out of nowhere, it was just something that made us think ‘Ah! Poor Harry, he could have prevented this all along.’
    Also, about the locket being an article of clothing, I think your argument goes against itself. If lockets WERE considered clothes, as you said Kreacher would have immediately left Harry. But he didn’t, so it can’t be considered clothes.

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