It must have been ten years ago that I declared zombies were on the way out. I mean, who would have thought the obsession would stay so hot so long? But for my part, I’m glad it has.

As far as monsters go, I find zombies the most terrifying. By a huge margin. It’s your loved ones that are coming to tear you to pieces and eat you alive. And you can become one of them too. So easily. And what’s left of you once you’ve turned? Is there any part that stays with your reanimated corpse?

I’ve even written a zombie story. “She’s a Superfreak #3” is a comic take on the traditional voodoo zombie in a superhero’s world. Check it out if you’re cool with google. It’s still for sale.

And with Chalkskin, I did a song about zombies, which allowed me to do some cool video! It’s called “Zombies Tryna Eatchu,” and it’s a free download on chalkskin.com

There’s been so many great stories over the years, carrying over in multiple media, and the culture goes even further, with survival stores and themed bars and paintball and parades and obstacle course and. . . Anyway, I’d like to present my. . .


10. The Walking Dead (comics)
9. World War Z (novel)
8. Dead Snow (film)
7. AMC’s The Walking Dead (series)
6. 28 Days Later (film)
5. Shaun of the Dead (film)
4. Zombieland (film)
3. The Last of Us (video game)
2. Tell Tale’s Walking Dead series (video game)
1. Dawn of the Dead – the original AND the remake (film)

Honorable mention goes to the Halloween episode of “Community.”

What’s your list?


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