Month: July 2014

The Feel-Good Movie of the Year

Do you ever get to the point where you start to feel sorry for yourself regarding things you can’t change?

I’ve been like that a lot lately.  I’m actually doing a song about it on my next album.

It just sucks, because I’m not the guy who begrudges others for their successes (whether deserved or not), but I get down on myself for not realizing what they have.  It gets to the point where a “feel good” movie makes me feel bad to the core.  It gets rough, and it’s hard to pull myself out of it once I’ve sunk in.

And that’s what I’ve learned the most from this.  How to keep myself from falling into that funk.  I feel myself sighing deeply and weepy, and I audibly tell mysef to stop.  “Come on.  Cut it out.”

In this age of feelings ruling thoughts and of feminine masculinity, it’s not considered cool to push away your emotions, but that’s bunk.  These aren’t legitimate reflections that I must cope with and never supress.  These are misfiring chemicals, an imbalance, and they can’t control me.

But if I seem a bit pitiful sometimes, that’s probably why.