I don’t write a lot about my faith on here.  Well, actually I do, but it’s generally not as blantant as a snippet of scripture or a quote from some theologian.  But I cry out when I see injustices to the downtrodden, poor, and meek, and that’s because my worldview has been informed by my walk with Christ.

The way I see it, today isn’t just about Christians, and it’s definitely not about the “sinners.”  You see, Christians are sinners too, even those who claim they aren’t.  That’s the point.  The cross, the resurection, the message, the whole thing, it’s about mercy; it’s about grace, and it’s about how we are all sinners and hopelessly lost in our sin without the love of God.

So as we walk through this valley of certain death, let us not get lost in the scenery, in how difficult the journey is or wondering where it’s taking us.  Let’s remember that there is more than what is mortal and yearn for the holiness that will make us lift our eyes and love our God, our fellow man, and ourselves.

Now someone give me cream eggs and jelly beans!!


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