Celebrities: What Do We Care?

This is my own opinion and does not necessarily represent those of Wolf in Wool Productions (even though it kind of does):

If you are spending your time being offended by something a celebrity said on E! or in US Weekly or on TMZ about their personal life, you are paying way too much attention to them.

Listen, I know a buttload of faqs about my top 10 or stars.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But I couldn’t tell you how many kids Bill Murray has or much at all about Weird Al’s parenting skills (aside from what’s inferred by his children’s books).  I don’t care where Ben Foster went on his vacation or what Meryl Streepe wore when she went to the post office.  Heck, despite the fact HE wants me to know so badly, I could care less about where Ricky Gervais doesn’t go to church.  It’s not important to me or my enjoyment of their work.

Why this trite gossip has bled into our social consciousness is a scree in and of itself, since it would damn both a twenty four hour news cycle AND the people who won’t even look at the candy in the cashlane but can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to tabloid magazines.  We are fueling an economy that is short of skilled laborers but rewards the behavior of paparrazi who will climb a person’s privacy fence and fire off a flash bulb through a bathroom window.  It’s a sham.

So the next time Gwenyth Paltrow says something about Apple or Lindsay Lohan forgets her underwear at home, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is this worth rewarding the wrong people?  Is this worth my own personal stress?”  I’m willing to bet it doesn’t really matter that much to you.

And the next time they metion Justin Beiber on “the news,” turn the channel and never look back.


One thought on “Celebrities: What Do We Care?

  1. It is time to stop the worship of celebrities. It seems that this misguided and misplaced worship of fame has created a society of narcissistic fools whose sole purpose is to be famous – despite their lack of talent and work ethic.

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