Be a Part of the Dream!

I’m officially putting out the call.  Starting right now, you are all on notice. Here’s the deal.  I am a fairly self-aware guy, and I know there are a lot of positives and negatives about me.

thumbs up


  • I’m creative
  • I’m persistant
  • I take criticism fairly well and adapt
  • I have no shortage of ideas
  • More importantly I can distinguish good ideas from bad ones
  • What I start, I finish (unless limitations – almost always financial ones – simply make the work impossible to complete)
  • What I finish is of the highest standards possible within my limitations
  • I have the experience, passion, and drive to be a great writer
  • I’m a good actor
  • I’m a decent rapper that works hard at the craft
  • Though I don’t get enough practice, I have the natural ability to draw.


  • MC Chalkskin’s two albums and various singles, which you can listen to here for FREE!
  • Two episodes of “The Sheepdog Show,” which you can watch here.
  • Three music videos for MC Chalkskin, which can be viewed here.
  • My first feature length film was made when I was twenty, and if you’re brave, you can watch it here.
  • Tons of other shorts, behind-the-scenes videos, and the like, which are on the two channels linked above and also on
  • Performances with so many great artists, including MC Frontalot and MC Lars
  • I’ve produced live shows, theatrical performances, etc.
  • An honorable mention for Best Writing at the 48 Hour Film in LA (2008)
  • I’ve written several published comic books, poems, and short stories.
  • Eagle Scout.
  • A bachelor’s degree in theater arts.
  • Ten plus years of management experience.



  • My mind does not always wrap around technical concepts
  • I don’t generally know how to properly promote creative projects once their done.
  • Then there are the financial limitations I mentioned earlier and the fact I have trouble fundraising, finding sponsorship, and asking for money.
  • I’m what classy people call “an eccentric.”


  • Well, the first one is actually a pretty positive thing, I think.  Because of my limitations, I often get to collaborate with a lot of great artists.*
  • I have trouble funding the projects in the first place.
  • Financial limitations take their toll on the work at times, though I think the sum product is greater than the parts in general.
  • The work does not get the attention, audience, and recognition that it should (in my humble opinion).

Wolf In Wool 02

So here’s where you come into all of this.  It’s pretty obvious I need help.  I need help in the front and in the back.


  • sponsorship
  • fundraising
  • finding financial backers that are amped up on creating the kind of content that I am capable of churning out.


  • reviews
  • marketing
  • finding the audience that is looking for the kind of content I am capable of churning out.


  • Support the art by downloading it, buying it, watching it, bringing it into your life!
  • Go to Chalkskin’s Amazon page or to any one of the pages linked off my imdb page and write a user review.  Start the conversation.
  • Share it with your friends and family.  Anyone you think might groove on it!
  • Help me with the nitty gritty of the front and back.  Get me in touch with the right people.  Those who will share in the dream!
  • Contribute to fundraisers or hit the paypal button on my website.
  • Inspire me!
  • Encourage me!

Let’s do this!!



*People like Andrew Gregory Grant, Brian Canini, Richard Baker, Jason Nestler, Kariem Marbury, Jaz “The Hookmaster” Williams, Godson, Karl Olson, Leron Gray, Dennis Ingram, Jim Lakin, Michael Magnuson, Rama, Chase Pado, Beat Kingdom, Dominic McNeil, Mark Shapiro, Kathy Robbins, Yochanan Winston PhD, Rahis Khan, Sangeeta Singh, Mahmoud Maanaki, Candice Thiem, Jesse Dillon Sorrells, Mark McKinney, Peter John Ross, Kurt Braun, Debra Plante, Laine Perry,  Mike Maletic, Nathan Hodges, Jen Kolhagen, Charles Castro, Aaron Frantz, Tiffany Tocco, Katesh Law, Dierdra Welch, Peggy Elliott, Kat Savering, Melissa Wintringham, Carl Gannon, Jess Kreusler, Brian Massolini, Jef Snopel, countless others at Kent State University, Jill Ceneskie, Gena Arrington, Stella Ingram, Sarah Melick, Ashley Bank, Angela Lynn Cousins, Tiffany Williams, Cristina Leduc, Kei Min Kim, Sasha Janea Miller, Haydar Alayidi, Misha Sedgwick, Monique Fleming, Sarra Wolfe, Brittany Skipper, Shawnna Lynn Kimball-Price, Cj Eddy, Kloey Graff, Anna Caroline, Dylan Boisvert, Kawika McGregor, Elaina Pajimula, Kry Mai Love, Cienna Buchanan, Bethany Steers, Amanda Hernandez, Amie Lynn, Jessica Nigri, and so many others!  I mention all of these talented, wonderful people, not to name drop, but to thank them for their amazing contributions to the work that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of with them.  And also to show just how many people are involved in the work.  How many are getting experience, exposure, and the sense of pride you only can get from chasing your dreams!  Talk to any of these people, and I think they would tell you that I am a collaborator with their best interests as well as the best interests of the project in mind.  This isn’t about my ego.  It’s about the stories that must be told.  The ones that are burning their way out of my chest and bleeding all over the floor.


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