Teaching Manheim: My Day as an Extra for “Anchorman 2”

Here’s a really great article about the day I spent on set for Anchorman 2:


Here it is on the San Diego news:


Another blog, this one speaks about Pearl:


10 Things I Should Add

1 ) While there were 3000 extras in the scene, I was one of 124 paid extras. We basically made up the first three rows (the splash zone) around where Ron was sitting.

2 ) I was a section to the left of Will’s boys, who make a brief cameo in the scene (as mentioned in the second article).

3 ) I sat next to director Adam McCay’s family, Pearl (see The Landlord*) and Shira Piven (she’s also Jeremy Piven’s sister). They were incredibly generous with me, sort of inviting me to pretend to be Pearl’s dad in the background reality. So I guess I got to play Adam McCay?

4 ) Will Ferrell was kind of shy. He seemed genuinely scared of the massive crowd when we were yelling at him. He actually commented as much. In his adlibs, he told me I had “nice facial hair,” and I was able to share some words of encouragement with him as the day wore on. He was very sweet.

5 ) My favorite moment that made the film was when Will asked the crowd if we’d like to see the two trainers to make out, and we organically reacted exactly the way you hear and see it in the film. Hilarious!

6 ) My favorite moment on set was when I was joking with little Pearl and told her I wanted a pet dolphin for my kiddy pool at home. She looked at me with a scrunched up face and said, “You’d torture him!” Even more hilarious!

7 ) Oh, and craft services and dinner on a production of that scale is divine. A guy could get used to that.

8 ) While I did show up to that massive casting session you see in the news clip, I didn’t stick around, opting instead to e-mail a picture and resume.  This picture!

9 ) I haven’t been able to put up pictures yet. The torrent version is a hack job (thankfully, actually), and all of the behind-the-scene pictures are either just to my left or just to my right. But when the DVD comes out, I’ll get some screen caps for you!

10 ) And just so everything doesn’t sound like I’m bragging, I’ll add one embarrassing fact as well. . . When I went in for my costume fitting, I left feeling horrible. I was trying hard to keep my thoughts positive. I just knew they hated me and didn’t want to really use me in the film. The costumer took one look at this giant, overweight albino, clicked her tongue, looked over the pieces I brought from home (which she hated), and said she didn’t think she had anything for me. That’s why I’m wearing a rather drab peach Hawaiian shirt in the film instead of something more awesome.

Two days later, and the other extras and crew members were commenting on how I was “the luckiest extra in history” and about how hard I was working on that set. I really feel alive on a film set! It’s where I belong.

* http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/74/the-landlord-from-will-ferrell-and-adam-ghost-panther-mckay


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