1) Figure out marketing.

2) Get a hundred thousand followers on all of my social media resources.

3) Have a video go viral.

4) Finish the first season of “The Sheepdog Show” and gain regular viewership.

5) Attract sponsors to “The Sheepdog Show.”

6) Take Chalkskin on tour.

7) Do collaborations with my favorite music groups. (ie MC Lars, MC Frontalot, “Weird Al”)

8) Play a role in a Mediocre Film and a Blame Society Production.

9) Publish my first book.

10) Figure out how to make Wolf In Wool Productions a viable occupation.


1) Make a living as a storyteller.

2) Have my own television show.

3) Make at least a dozen critically acclaimed films.

4) Have one of my films be ranked on an AFI Top Films list.

5) Make a heartfelt religious epic.

6) Win an Oscar for Best Writer.

7) Win an Oscar for Best Picture.

8) Win an Oscar for Best Actor.

9) Have at least a half a dozen actors win Academy Awards for roles in films I wrote. (ie Bill Murray, Ben Foster, Laura Linney)

10) Write and publish at least a half a dozen books.

11) Become a New York Times best-selling author.

12) Make the required reading list for educational institutions.

13) Write a comic for both Marvel and DC.

14) Win an Eisner Award.

15) Continue making music that I can be proud of for at least four more studio albums.

16) Play in front of a sold out crowd in a large venue.

17) Rank on the Billboard Top Ten.

18) Win a Grammy.

19) Release my own table top game. (Perhaps a role playing game.)

20) Write a video game.

21) Be interviewed on “Good Morning, America,” “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” “The Daily Show,” and every major talk show.

22) Host “Saturday Night Live.”

23) Make Wolf In Wool Productions a powerhouse business that publishes books and comics; produces films, television, and web series; works with artists to make quality music; and puts up memorable live shows.

24) Buy land and build my dream studio.

25) Build several satellite studios in locations across the US (ie Columbus, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; Los Angeles, California)

26) Attract a regular staff of passionate artists, technicians, and business people.

27) Attain enough credibility to be able to regularly work with my choice of talent.

28) Set the standard for how a company should operate and treat it’s employees.

29) Write an autobiography at the twilight of my life that will inspire the future generations.

30) Create a gateway for others.


1) Travel to every continent.

2) Go skydiving.

3) Learn to cook a hundred dishes.

4) Design and build my own house.

5) Perform as a circus clown.

6) Learn to play a musical instrument.

7) Learn another language.

8) Speak at an ivy league graduation ceremony.

9) Own a double decker bus.

10) Find a healthy equilibrium for my mind and body.


1) Buy a house for my mother, father, brother, and sister.

2) Take a family vacation every year.

3) Help my parents retire.

5) Go into business with my brother.

6) Help my sister fulfill her potential in life.

7) Be a great husband and father.

8) Support my wife in all of her endeavors.

9) Support my children, teach them great life lessons, and help them lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

10) Be a wonderful grandfather, and be remembered for my legacy.


1) Start my own soup kitchen for the homeless. Spend a meal every week either at the kitchen or – when I’m out of town – with a less fortunate person at a local restaurant.

2) Play a role in restoring Hollywood to it’s former days of Glitz and Glamor.

3) Create a summer camp with a mentor program for children interested in the arts.

4) Always sponsor children through programs like Child Fund. Continue to support them well into their adult lives if possible.

5) Donate substantially to the church. (ie my dad’s church)

6) Start my own charity that benefits a cause near and dear to my heart.

7) Raise thirty million dollars for my charity.

8) Anonymously help others make their dreams come true.

9) Use my reputation to bring awareness to important issues around the world.

10) Give back to those that gave to me.


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