String Theory

Emergency Rooms Hate Full Moons.
“Emergency rooms hate full moons.”

When style permits, the most persistent and enduring convention I use in my writing style is the dream sequence.  It’s an excellent way to visually delve deeper into the contextual layers of a character without hammering things too hard on the nose, and I’ve been using it since I first started writing as a boy.  Therefore, it probably comes as no surprise that my own dreams hold a significance in my life.

Where I am and whom I am with is irrelevant.  Truly, if I focused hard on either, I would find only a shifting blur.  I find something peculiar.  There is a sliver of something in my mouth.  A thread protruding from between my teeth.  Must be a bit of dental floss that somehow broke away and got lodged.  I take the end and tug on it.  It comes loose but is much longer than I suspected.  I keep pulling and pulling, and it keeps coming and coming, a thin plastic strip that I twist in my hand, lace across my palm, and let fall to my feet.  I wonder what’s at the other end as my gums begin to bleed and teeth come loose.  There is no end to this.

Freud believes that tooth loss in a dream is a symptom of “castration syndrome.”  Guilt from masturbation, and a secret desire to cast away the eye that causes you to sin.

Jung lays out a layer cake that covers several theories.  If a woman dreams of losing a tooth, she’s giving birth.  More generally, the lose of teeth is a lose of something else.  Perhaps it’s something that was healthy to be rid of.  Perhaps not.

I have read that teeth and hair often represent youth in dreams.  Makes some sense.

The Freddy Krueger of poor dental hygiene is a common nightmare for many people, and even the addition of an endless string from the mouth is prevalent.  So what does it mean?

I found a modern dream analyst who says the mouth is communication and the string represents an obstacle.

I think if any honest person takes a hard look at their dreams, they will find the answers they are looking for.  After all, it’s a story your subconscious mind is telling to your conscious mind.  You already have the answer somewhere inside of you.  I, of course, am no exception, so let’s take an honest look at what this dream means to me.

Unusually, I remember more than just this dream from last night.  In fact, there were three.  The first was my old boss telling me he realized the folly of his ways, offering me the job he had previously let me go from.  The second was watching a television production I had been a part of with someone who had been forced out on the first day.  There seems to me that there’s a common theme here.

Like many people, I feel I was born with a purpose, and also like many people, I feel I am not living it.  I have obstacles holding me back from communicating the stories I am compelled to tell, and with each day, I get older and lose another day I could be living my destiny and am not.

“Say ‘AAAAAaaaaHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!'”

Oh, and like any good Christian boy, I feel very guilty about masturbation too.


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